A Few Good Men – 1992


Jan 15 – Feb 7, 1993

Aaron Sorkin

Directed by
Doug Eaton

This Broadway hit about the trial of two Marines for complicity in the death of a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay sizzles on stage and has special relevancy in today’s tumultuous world. The Navy lawyer, a callow young man more interested in softball games than the case, expects a plea bargain and a cover up of what really happened. Prodded by a female member of his defense team, the lawyer eventually makes a valiant effort to defend his clients and, in so doing, puts the military mentality and the Marine code of honor on trial.


A Few Good Men

Production Staff

Producer Bernice Woldman
Director Doug Eaton
Lighting Design Andy Gordanier
Set Design Gordon Danieli
Costume Design Tina Crawford
Drill Instructors Kennth Buck, Daniel Hynes
Stage Manager Rosie Myres
Costume Assistants Camille Cusimano, San D Hasselman, Joan Tietjen
Cover Art Jim Calafiore
Lighting Technicians Joe Ondre Jr, Dot Steffen
Master Carpenter Grodon Danieli
Set Decoration Ann Danieli
Program Michael McCaughey, Jackie McCausland
Props Jill Alpert
Sound Technicians Jill Alpert, Joe Ondre Jr.


The Cast

Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson Jeff Maschi
Pfc. Louden Downey Tony Correia
Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg Kevin Byrne
Lt. j.g. Daniel A. Kaffee Michael J. Driscoll
Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway Mary Sullivan
Capt. Isaac Whitaker Charles F. Wagner IV
Capt. Matthew A. Markinson Jerry Marion Jr.
Pfc. William T. Santiago Henry W. Lee
Lt. Col. Nathan Jessep Robert John Buckley
Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick Michael Hodson
Lt. Jack Ross Thomas F. Freuler
Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard Robert Hickson
Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph Bill Smith
Cmdr. Walter Stone Andros Thomson
Marine MP John Hickson
Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Bromell