A Night of Choral Music

Villagers Presents

“A Night of Choral Music”

Musical Direction: AJ Meeker

Concert Master: Khy Garner



Please join us for an unforgettable evening of Choral Music!

This performance will showcase an extremely talented choir mixed of both Community Theater Veterans and professional Choral Singers.

You will enjoy a sampling of several types of choral music, including:  a capella, anthems, cantatas, motets, spirituals and oratorio. Works from popular Contemporary, as well as Classical, composers will envelop you as you experience  a very diverse choral program.

Do not miss your chance to experience this unique, and uplifting, musical evening!  Although July 4th has come and gone recently, there will be a special tribute to our Country, and the Soldiers that protect it! 

Corinne Chandler
Rebecca Dias
Amy Fredericks
Amanda Crawford
Heather Crawford
Dotti Friis
Francine Mondi
Diana Puertas

Leslie Hochman
Heather Scheffold
Jessica Pfeiffer
Sharon Underberg
Mary O’Connor
Vicki Trerotola
Marie Fiorello

Stephen Belfatti
Arnaldo Ortiz
Andrew Macirowski
Sean Morris

Khy Garner – Concertmaster
Omar Garner
Marc Suznovich
Wesley Loon
Matthew Crawford
Bryan Murray
Wesley Reason


Full Choir:

O Magnum Mysterium – Directed by Khy Garner

Women’s Choir:

Hotaru Koi
Paint Me A Song

Full Choir:

Mon Couer Se Recommande Vous
If Ye Love Me
Matona Mia Cara

Ride On King JesusSoloist Corinne Chandler


Full Choir:

Ching – A – Ring Chaw
Golden DreamSoloists Rebecca Dias, Heather Crawford, Arnaldo Ortiz

Men’s Choir:

Loch LomondSoloist Stephen Belfatti
Vive L’AmourSoloist Matthew Crawford

Full Choir:

Prayer of the Children
Last Words of David
Lord Bless You And Keep You

Proceeds will go towards the Villagers Theatre’s General Fund to help maintain our building.

Dates: Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th.
Time: 8 p.m.
Ticket Price: $20.00 CASH OR CHECK AT THE DOOR ONLY!

(price includes a wine and cheese reception to follow)

 Want to learn more about choral music? Here is a great link to About.com: http://musiced.about.com/od/lessonsandtips/f/choralemusic.htm