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This agreement by and between the Franklin Villagers Barn Theatre, Inc., hereafter called the Theatre, and John Doe, hereafter called the Director, pertains to the production, , hereafter called the Production.

In consideration of premises and mutual undertakings contained herein, the Director agrees to perform the services in connection with the production of the Production. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on or about 06/09/2023 and will terminate on 06/11/2023, with the Production scheduled to open on 06/16/2023, and will close on 06/25/2023. The Production will take place on the main_stage at the Theatre.

The Director agrees to perform, for the Theatre, the usual and customary services of a Director as it relates to a production performed by a non-profit community theatre (hereinafter “Services”) including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Assuming full responsibility for direction of the Production within the adopted budget with all expenses approved by the Producers.
  2. Holding auditions and selecting the cast of the Production.
  3. Establishing a rehearsal schedule in cooperation with the Producers and the Theatre.
  4. Reviewing, for approval, set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, and all other artistic aspects of the Production in cooperation with the Producers, Vice-President of Production and Technical Director of the Theatre.
  5. Maintaining the artistic quality of the Production within the adopted budget.
  6. Allowing reasonable times for interviews and photo sessions arranged by the Theatre.
  7. Enforcing the Policies of the Theatre.
  8. Attending all production meetings and cooperating fully with all staff members and other retained professionals to make the production of the Production a success.
  9. The Director shall be present and available at all times during rehearsals including technical rehearsals and for the run of the production, unless otherwise approved by the Producer, and will secure a representative in the Director’s absence.
  10. The Director shall also be present to assist during strike.

The Theatre Producer must ensure the Artistic Integrity of the Theater during the Production. This is not to be confused with overseeing the Directors Artistic Expression or interpretation. However, if there are certain choices made that might be detrimental to the Production or the Theatre, the Producer will call a meeting with the Director and Theatre Artistic Director, to discuss the Theatre's position.

The Theatre will provide the rehearsal space, performance space, sets, costumes, lighting and other technical materials for the production of the Production and shall be solely responsible for the sale of tickets to the Production and for all house management functions. Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses will be made on an ongoing basis with the approval of the Producers only.

The Theatre shall pay a $ stipend to the Director for their Services, provided the Services have been fully performed by the Director, to be paid approximately 1 to 3 business days after the Theatre Producer confirms that strike was completed to the Theatre Producer’s satisfaction.

The Director understands and acknowledges the Policies of the Theatre, as well as any limitations set forth by the Theatre including:

  1. Theatre Scheduling – Simultaneous rehearsals may occur in the Main Stage, Black Box and/or Main Lobby with the exception of all Senior Performances on the Thursday evening before show opening.
  2. Season Sponsorship – the Marketing/Fundraising Committees and the Board of Directors will secure Season Sponsorships.
  3. Show/Production Sponsorships – Show/Production Sponsorship Ads and other Fundraising/Donations are coordinated by the Theatre's Marketing/Fundraising Committees. Production crew/cast shall not engage in fundraising or obtaining donations to cover any portion of a production’s expenses without the approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. Publicity – The Producers, Director and/or Board of Trustees must approve all press announcements and interviews.

This Agreement calls for the personal services of the Director and may not be transferred or assigned by the Director without the express written approval of the Theatre. This agreement may not be modified or waived except in writing, signed by the Theatre and the Director.

The Director acknowledges that the Theatre may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement and remove the Director from all responsibility in connection with the Production at any time before or during the run of the Production, upon 24 hours notice. In such case, compensation will be pro-rated according to the date of the termination.

We, the undersigned, have read the foregoing agreement and do hereby approve and agree to be bound by the terms thereof.

Signed by Director: John Doe

Date: 14/06/2024

Signed by Theatre: Darren L. Nye

Date: ___________________


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