Babes In Toyland

December 13-21, 2008

Directed by TINA LEE

Sponsored by Cafe Amici


Toyland, Toyland, dear little boy and girl land… This classic tale will wow you, as it presents the villanous Barnaby, who has fallen in love with sweet Mistress Mary Quite Contrary.  If he can’t buy her love, then he’ll force her to marry him by threatening to foreclose on her mother, the poor Widow Piper.  Can the Master Toymaker and the magical secret of Toyland save the day?General Admission – All Tickets $10

Saturdays at 12NOON and 3:00PM, Sundays at 12NOON and 3:00PM

**December 20th, 3:00PM Show closed to public, My Name is Matthew Program **.

Reservations can be made through this website under ‘Tickets’,

e-mail or call 732-873-2710.

Group Rates available upon request.


Producer/Director Tina LeeDirectorTina LeeLighting DesignerPaul Carver Sound Designer Set Designer Costumer Stage Manager Crew Members Properties Light Operator Sound Operator Make-up