Cactus Flower

By Abe Burrows

Based on a play by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grady

Cactus Flower

Sept 16 – Oct 2, 2011

Directed by
Produced by

PLAY SYNOPSIS: In this witty romantic comedy, Julian Winston, a middle-aged Park Avenue dentist (and an attractive bachelor) tells his much younger girlfriend, Toni, that he’s already married, in order to avoid commitment. Then, unexpectedly and in a moment of weakness, Julian promises to leave his wife for Toni. When Toni insists on meeting the wife, Julian recruits his introverted, prickly assistant to pose as his fictitious spouse. This ingenious plan further complicates the complications he has already created, while inadvertently cultivating the sandy soil in which love might blossom unexpectedly. The 1969 movie version of this classic comedy featured Goldie Hawn in her first major film role.

Julian Winston Steve Bartlow
Stephani Dickinson Cody Dalton
Igor Sullivan Patrick Lithgow
Harvey Greenfield Dave Murray
Toni Simmons Kimberly Nordstrom
Mrs. Durant Sherry Lilenfeld
Senor Arturo Sanchez Oliver Leroux
Customer Tomaso Soux Devour
Waiter Michelle LarMorre
Boticelli’s Springtime Cori Villegas
Music Lover Rusell B. Rande
Producer  Bryan Murray
Director  Carla Zackson Heller

Assistant  to the Director

Stage Manager

Judi Alexander

Francine Mondi

Costumer  Julie Fein
Set Designer  Guy Suabedissen
Set Dressing/Properties

Julie Fein

Jessica Murray

Lighting Designer  Matt Tietjen
Sound Designer  Bill Heller