SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS FRIDAY, MAY 2 – SATURDAY, MAY 17 Directed by Jonathan Wierzbicki One of Tennessee Williams’ earlier works, Small Craft Warnings is set in a dingy beachfront bar in California. It peeks into one foggy night in the lives of the regulars, who take shelter in a bar to hide from the wreckage … Read more


COLLECTED STORIES FRIDAY, MAR. 7 – SATURDAY, MAR. 22 Directed By: Paul Zeller When a short-story writer becomes a mentor for a budding fiction writer, she lets her protégé into some of the deepest secrets of her own life. When the student emerges as a successful novelist, cannibalizing the teacher’s own experiences for her subject … Read more


POPCORN FRIDAY, JAN. 10 – SATURDAY, JAN. 25 Directed by Michael Driscol Set in the Beverly HIlls Home of Tarantino-style, Oscar-winning movie director Bruce Delamitri, Popcorn is a satirical comedy thriller with the firing capacity of a hit squad. When notorious killers Wayne and Scout interrupt Bruce’s passionate introduction to Brooke Daniels, (nude model and … Read more


DEFYING GRAVITY FRIDAY, OCT. 11 – SATURDAY, OCT. 26 Directed By: Tina Lee In 1986, schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe died in the spectacular explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Defying Gravity tells the story of this death, from several perspectives, examining how a void was left in the lives of her daughter, her sister, and the … Read more