Hospitality Suite


May 11 – 26, 2007

A Drama by
Roger Rueff

Directed by
Jeffrey M. Babey

Conflicting notions of character, salesmanship, honesty, religion, and love simmer until they boil over as two experienced salesmen and a young research engineer await a CEO whose visit to their modest hospitality suite could save their company from ruin.  Jonathan Wierzbicki, Executive Producer of the Villager Black Box Series states , “Unlike works like “Glengarry Glen Ross”, where there is a dark cynical bite regarding the cut throat world of sales, I felt that “Hospitality Suite” shows more humanity, and a warmth between the characters, even during their confrontations.  Too many movies and plays dwell on the selfish, callous nature of man.  A piece like “Hospitality Suite” reminds us that we are all just people with our own struggles. In short, I think it is a worthy piece, and an important work.”This unpublished play was the basis for the movie “THE BIG KAHUNA” staring Danny Devito and Kevin Spacey

Larry Jeff Dworkin
Phil Adrian Stein
Bob Derek Mazeukowitz
Producer Jessica Pfeiffer
Director Jeffrey M. Babey
Lighting Designer Patrick Gianotto
Stage Manager Francine Mondi
Light Operator Francine Mondi
Sound Operator Francine Mondi