How I Became A Pirate

How I Became a Pirate

Book, Music and Lyrics by


September 10-18, 2011

Produced by Jessica Murray

Directed by Mark Scoff(Corey Rubel Director’s Mentor) 

Choreographed by Nicole Sigur

Musically Directed By Chris Peckhardt

Based upon the book “How I Became a Pirate” Written by Melinda Long and Illustrations by David Shannon

Performed by arrangement with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE” received its world premiere at First Stage Children’s Theatre, Milwaukee , WI.

AARRRRGH! Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate!? Imagine Jeremy Jacob’s surprise when, sand shovel in hand, he’s recruited on the beach by Captain Braid and his motley crew to be their new treasure-burying digger. At first, pirate life is great fun: swabbing decks, counting ducats, singing shanties. But when Jeremy gets no bedtime story, no tucking in, he begins to have his doubts. Finally, Jeremy makes a novel, pirate-pleasing suggestion which neatly solves the Captain’s latest dilemma, leading to a swashbucklingly happy ending…and, to the realization that life’s richest treasures might not be under a big X on a map.
General Admission – All tickets $10
Saturdays at 12NOON and 3:00PM, Sundays at 12 Noon.
Reservations can be made via this web site under ‘Tickets’,
e-mail or call 732-873-2710 .
Group Rates available upon request.

Matthew Cox Jeremy Jacob
Mike Patierno Captain Braid Beard
AJ Meeker Sharktooth the Pirate
Thaddeus Nieduzak Pirate Pierre
Barry Scoff Max the Pirate
David Clarke Swill the Pirate
Zenon Nieduzak Pirate Seymour Braunshwagger
Billy Rateau Pirate Scurvy Dog


Mark Scoff Director
Nicole Sigur Choreographer
Chris Peckhardt Musical Director
Jessica Murray Producer
Jack Tomey Stage Manager
Mike Patierno Costume Designer
Jessica Murray Lighting Design
Jack Tomey Scenic Artist