Isn’t It Romantic




Oct 6 – Nov 29, 1989

Produced by Iris Green

Directed by Mary McGinley

The play deals with the post-college careers (and dilemmas) of two former classmates, a short, slightly plump would-be writer named Janie Blumberg, and her tall, thin gorgeous WASP friend, Harriet Cornwall. Both are struggling to escape from lingering parental domination and to establish their own lives and identities. In Janie’s case this leads to an inconclusive involvement with a young Jewish doctor who calls her “Monkey”; while Harriet assails the world of big business and has an affair with her hard-driving (and married) boss. Told in a fast-moving series of inventive, alternately hilarious and touchingly revealing scenes, the play explores their parallel stories with uncommon wit and wisdom-resulting, ultimately, in a heightened awareness which, while not providing all the answers, goes a long way toward achieving the maturity and self-assuredness that both protagonists so desperately desire.

 Janie Blumberg  Terri Sturtevant
Harrient Cornwall Anne Ashby Glibert
Marty Sterling Bob Grendfest
Tasha Blumberg Dotti Berkowitz
Simon Blumberg Sandy Berkowitz
Lillian Cornwall Elaine Wallace
Paul Stuart Rob Pherson
Vladimir Matthew Christian Colagiuri
Ensemble Noemi de la Puente
Ensemble Samuel Perlmutter
Phone Messages
Schlomo M.J. Sullivan
Hart Farrell Samuel Perlmutter
Julie Stern Mary McGinley
Tajlie Kaplan Singleberry Noemi de la Puente
Telephone Operator Jim Morgan
Cynthia Peterson Pat Powers
Captain Milty Sterling Eganyo Kutya
Producer   Iris Green
Director Mary McGinley
Lighting Designer Alan Levine
Sound Designer Alan Semok
Master Carpenter  Steve Zavodnick
Costumer  Rosie Myres
Stage Manager  Denise M. Scalingi
Lighting Technician  Joey Zavodinick, Scott Zavodnick
Properties  Dot Steffen
Program  Jeff Dworkin
Props  Jill Kutler, Lois Altschul, Mary McGinley, Denise Scalingi
Set Decorator  Jill Kutler
 Sound Technician  G.D. Heath