Lovers and Other Strangers

Lovers and Other Strangers

November 28 – December 28, 1980

Production Staff

Producer Ronnie Schapow
Director Jim Rinere
Set Design Bill Jamieson
Stage Manager Lois Altschul
Lighting Design Jim Rinere
Sound Design Jim Rinere
Assistant Stage maanger Irene E. Yaros
Set Decorator Henny Napear
Lighting, Sound and Props Arnie Moss, Aaron Sapio, Debbie Badessa, Barbara Stern
Stage Crew Beth Loeb
Publicity Sue Avent
Advertising AMS Advertising Inc. NYC
Programs Ronnie Schapow, Don Aaronson, Stan Pearlman
Cover Design Stan Pearlman
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Set Construction Bill Jamieson, Ernie lazzara, Ron Schapow, Bill Gorelick, Bill Rayhom, Dick Van Zandt, Dan O’Neill, Jim Rinere, Stan Pearlman, Steve Schapow
Printing Minuteman Press of Somerville
House Photographer Steve Goodman


The Cast

Brenda Sue Avent
Jerry Stanley Andrucyk
Hal Walt Kelly
Cathy Lynn Lazzara
Johnny Howard Altschul
Wilma Sharon Schapow
Susan Mari Gottlieb
Mike Stanley Andrucyk
Frank Stan Pearlman
Bea Sharon Schapow
Richie Jim Fitzgerald
Joan Christine Weigandt