Man of LaMancha



Man of La Mancha

March 9-31, 2001


Directed by Tina Lee


This is a play-within-a-play, based on Cervantes’ “Don Quixote.” We have a poignant story of a dying old man whose impossible dream takes over his mind. It’s All the Same, Dulcinea, I’m Only Thinking of Him, The Impossible Dream, I Really Like Him and Little Birdremain in your thoughts and in your soul well after you see the show. His dream is Everyman’s dream. His tilting at windmills is Everyman’s great adventure. Somehow, the footlights disappear, time is telescoped and the “Man of La Mancha” speaks for humankind.


Man of La Mancha

Production Staff

Producer Marie Fiorello
Director Tina Lee
Musical Director Tony Di Dia
Choreographer Alyson Pemolie
Set Design Jim Parks, Sr.
Costume Design Jim Parks, Jr.
Stage Manger Scott C. Hill
Lighting Design Ed Pearson
Sound Design John Ballek
Fight Choreographer JC Gibriano
Asst. Fight Choreographer Mike Rapeley
Properties Angela Kline
Sound Technician Paul Carver
Lighting Operator Dot Steffen
Make-Up Artist Hilary Pearson
Photographer Patrick Andrae
Program Donna Kimberlin
Lobby Board Leo Gahona


The Cast

Captain of Inquisition Scott C. Hill
Manservant (Sancho Panza) Jon Ballek
Miguel De Cevantes (Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana David Thomas Hampson
Governor (Innkeeper) Rich Kline
Duke (Dr. Sanson Carrasco) Joseph Zedeny
Jose/Muleteer/Moor Joseph Bonefont
Paco/Muleteer Christian King
Juan, Muleteer Kieth Sambino
Anselmo/Muleteer/Barber Ralph Hanson
Pedro/Muleteer/Moor JC Gibriano
Maria Liz Durkin
Fermina Elizabeth Rzasa
Alsonza/Dulcinea Alison Byrne
Antonia Jessica Leary
Housekeeper Reba Holley
Padre Christopher J. Guell
Moorish Girl Kathryn Hartz/Alyson Pemoulie


The Orchestra

Piano Tony Di Dia
Guitar Ken Barboza
Bass Ed Castro
Drums Mark Mentor