Moon Over Buffalo

Sept 17 – Oct 3, 2004




Charlotte and George Hay, an acting couple not exactly the Lunts are on tour in Buffalo in 1953 with a repertory consisting of Cyrano de Bergerac“revised, one nostril version” and Noel Coward’s Private Lives. This backstage farce by the author of Lend Me a Tenor brought Carol Burnett back to Broadway co-starring with Philip Bosco as her megalomanic, drunken husband and leading man. Fate has given these thespians one more shot at starring roles in The Scarlet Pimpernel epic and director Frank Capra himself is en route to Buffalo to catch their matinee performance. Will Charlotte appear or run off with their agent? Will George be sober enough to emote? Will Capra see Cyrano, Private Lives or a disturbing mixture of the two? Hilarious misunderstandings pile on madcap misadventures, in this valentine to Theatre Hams everywhere.

 Ethel  Lona Alpert
 George  Jeff Dworkin
 Richard  Bob Hunt
 Eileen  Carolyn Levine
 Roz  Alison Quairoli
 Howard  Doug Spaulding
 Charlotte  Terri Sturtevant
 Paul  Michael Sundberg
Producer  Jeff Dworkin
Director  Linda Giordano
Assistant to the Director  Gary Frangione
Stage Manager  Jennifer Wagner
Costume Design  Camille Cusimano, Annette Fielder
Set Designer  Bill Jamieson
Set Construction  Bill Jamieson, Richard Jamieson, Scott C. Hill, Rob Hunt, JC Gibriano, Dave Lipton, Joe Giordano
Scenic Painter  Jeff Jamieson
Set Dressing & Special Projects  Annette Fielder
Lighting Designer & Operator  Patrick Gianatto
Sound Designer  Mark Adams
Sound Operator  JC Gibriano
Fencing Instructor  Chris Parks
Hair & Wig Consultant  Nance
Photography  Richard Baker
Program  Stephanie Youngman