New Women Playwrights Series

New Women Playwrights Series
February 4 – February 25, 2002

The Plays
February 4, 2002 evening directed by Sara Peters
No Place Like Home by Kelly DuMar of Sherborn, MA
Glinda Jacqueline Master
Scarecrow Eric Branda
Oz Joseph Porter
Mayor Simon Barouch
Lion/Lollipop Guild Member #1 Bob Dumpert
Dorothy/Tin Man/Lollipop Guild Member #2 Alison Byrne
Fanny and Walt by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher of Highland Park, NJ
Fanny Fern Alison Byrne
Walt Whitman Joseph Porter
Jemmy Parton Wayne Harris
Mary Rogers Cathy Zouves-Wrobel
Samuel Wells Simon Barouch
February 11, 2002 evening directed by Annette Fielder
Happy Endings by Kathleen Gerard of Washington Township, NJ
Rita Alison Byrne
Jessica Marion Sanders
Mining the Mother Load by Peggy Gordon of New York, NY
Elain Stern Alison Byrne
Luvie Messinger Mallory “Tes” Pherson
Clara Messinger Joann Cullinane
Darla Messinger Kim Ann Whalen
Marla Messinger Marion Sanders
February 18, 2002 evening directed by Bill Seesselberg
Bertha by Dori Hertzberg of Watchung, NJ
Bertha Cathy Zouves-Wrobel
Poor Dead Celia by Tara O’Keefe of Cotuit, MA
Celia Joann Cullinane
Law Joseph Porter
Pop Eric Hafen
Kathleen Alison Byrne
Joe Chris Imbrosciano
Mike Simon Barouch
Molly Kristen Nietzer
February 25, 2002 evening directed by Sharon B. Simon
Benched by Barbara Lewis of New York, NY
Sharon Joyel Cranford
Clary’s Exodus by Rachel Rubin Ladutke of Astoria, NY
Clarice Hayes Joyel Cranford
Ruby Mae Hazelton Karen Augustine Miller
Phoebe Hazelton Samantha Allgood
Claude St. Just Shaun McDonald
Ester Solomon Jacqueline Maste