Not About Nightingales

 Not About Nightingales

Not about Nightingales - Villagers Theatre 2000? I think

January 12- February 3, 2000

By Tennessee Williams

Directed by Johnathan Weirzbicki



An early work by the revered playwright that caused a recent sensation in Houston, New York, and London, this is a raw, sprawling dramatization of real events at a Philadelphia prison in 1937. Convicts who led a hunger strike to protest conditions were locked in a scalding cell where four of them died. The sympathetic treatment of blacks and homosexuals was revolutionary for the time of the premiere and may explain why the play remained unproduced for sixty years.

Production Staff

Producer Roz Wroblewski
Director Jonathan Wierbicki
Set Design Jim Parks, Sr.
Costume Design Jim Parks, Jr.
Lighting Design Ed Pearson
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Prop Master Marie Fiorello
Stage Managers Tina Lee, Paul Carver
Lighting Operator Dot Steffen
Sound Operator Scott C. Hill
Make-up Hilary Pearson


The Cast

Jim Patrick Andrae
Chaplain/Prisoner Richard Baker
Krause Tom DeLorenzo
The Queen David Eppley
Ollie Joel Fenn
Shapiro Bob Griffin
Schultz Stuart Hershkowitz
Swifty Rich Kline
The Warden Jerry marino
McBurney, a Guard John McDonaugh
Butch Jeff Maschi
Eva Vikki Massulli
Joe Daniel B. Utset
Alberts/Reverend Hooker Matt Viola
Mrs. Bristol Elaine Wallace
Goldie Claudia Woloshin
Jack Bristol/Sailor Jack Joe Zedeny