Guidelines for Play Reviewing

  1. Scripts are first submitted by playwrights to
  2. The Producer will select a team to read and review the submitted plays.
  3. Reviewers will be given access to a Google Drive folder, where a Google Sheet named “WHO WILL READ WHAT SCRIPTS” will have three tabs:
    1. Reader Names = The names of our volunteer reviewers.
    2. Reader Selections = The name of the Playwright, their Play Title, and Reader Name columns. When you agree to read a play, please put your name in a new column, next to the Play title that you’re reading.
    3. Reader Rankings = After you’re finished reading, please rank the play using the method below.
  4. Sub-folders under the main New Playwrights folder, will be created for each play submitted. Each sub-folder will include a Play Summary created by the playwright, plus the play itself.
  5. Ideally every play will be read and ranked by at least TWO reviewers. However reviewers can read other plays, but we do not need more than the 2 rankings for each play.
  6. After a reader is finished with a play, they should rank it using the following method: Rank each question, for the play you have read. 1 being lowest, 5 being highest:
    1. Good/Engaging Story = does the play and storyline keep you interested?
    2. Originality = is it a unique story idea?
    3. Point of View/Intent = does the playwrights overall Point of View/Intent seem clear, even if you don’t agree with it?
    4. Character Development = are the characters interesting with good identities where needed?
    5. Cohesive Sequence/Narrative Flow = does the play flow well, or does the structure seem a mess?
    6. Rising Action/Climax = does each scene and Act build upon the other, do you want to know what happens next?
    7. Set Design = does the set design or implied design seem like it would work well for community theater?
    8. Stage Directions = are understandable stage directions included and helpful to convey intention?
    9. Possible Actor Draw = will actors likely be interested in playing these parts?
    10. Possible Audience Draw = is the play likely to build an audience?”
    11. Overall Ranking = overall how would you rate the play?
    12. Comments/Suggestions to the Playwright?
  7. If the reader is not comfortable working with Google Drive and Sheets, the Producer can email you the play scripts/etc – just them know how you’re able to work to help with the process.
  8. If a play was read and ranked by two reviewers, the Producer will create rounded scores from both reviewers.
  9. The Producer will use the rankings, to determine which playwrights should be offered a reading, based on the quality of the play. Low ranking plays may not be selected.
  10. The Producer should follow up with ALL playwrights with a nice email – regardless of their decision to offer a reading, or not.