Stepping Out

Stepping Out

August 4 – August 19, 1995

Production Staff

Producer Jackie McCausland, Bernice Woldman
Director John Menter
Assistant Director Tracey Byrne-Miller
Choreographer Jill Price
Lighting Design Robert Seesselberg
Costume Design Ann Coscione
Sound Design Jon Ballek
Stage Manger Scott Hill
Assistant Stage Manager Roz Wroblewski
Props Roz Wroblewski
Set Builder Jesse Woldman
Box Office Jackie McCausland, Bernice Woldman
Progarm The ACT Bill Magazine
Concessions The Friends of the Villagers


The Cast

Mavis Lorinda Haver
Glenda Frasier Dottie Berkowitz
Lynne Macada K. McMullen
Dorothy Val DiSanto
Maxine Mary Nichols
Andy Suzanne V. Rydz
Geoffrey Kevin haver
Sylvia Dina-Ellen Santos
Rose Sherri Smith-Richardson
Vera Beth Wein