The Pied Piper

Book, Music and Lyrics by Feather Schwartz

The Pied Piper

April 14 – 22, 2012

Produced by Jeff Dworkin

Directed by  Annette Fielder and Jeff Dworkin

Musical Direction by Ruslan Odintsov

Choreographed by  Jessica Murray

Meet B. Rutherford Rodent, the Mayor of the Mice in the town of Hamelin, for he has a musical tale to tell. The people of Hamelin are desperate. The cheese in town has been slowly disappearing. This might not seem so important, until we hear that their famous cheese is Hamelin’s main export and source of income. Losing it will mean bankruptcy for the entire town! In this fanciful musical adaptation of The Pied Piper, the people of Hamelin, with the help of their neighbors in Bremen, must capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses to solve the mystery, recover the cheese and save the town. We guarantee you won’t leave the theatre feeling bleu.


General Admission – All tickets $10
Saturdays at 12NOON and 3:00PM, Sundays at 12NOON.
Reservations can be made via this web site under ‘Tickets’,
e-mail or call 732-873-2710
Group Rates available upon request.

Rutherford Jeff Dworkin
Henry Ty Jacobs
Brunnhilde Jessica Murray
Clara Kate Mochnacz
Hermann Alec Richards
Franz Jake Blecher
Old AJ Meeker
Old Old Bryan Murray
Teacher David Learn
Cook Alex Luckenbaugh
Town Person Donna Malcolm
Town Person Michele LarMoore
Town Person Heinley Gaspard
Town Person Chris Guell
Town Kid Andrew Mercurio
Town Kid Chloe Bogen
Producer Jeff Dworkin
Director Annette Fielder and Jeff Dworkin
Muscal Direction Ruslan Odintsov
Stage Manager Francine Mondi
Assist to SM Chloe Bogen
Choreographer  Jessica Murray
Costumer Annette Fielder
Costumer Crystal Mor
Costumer Wallie Jedamczik
Set Designer Annette Fielder
Scenic Designer Nancy Williams
Lighting/Sound Alec Richards
Properties Annette Fielder
Crew Crystal Mor