Two By Two

Two By Two

March 19 – May 2, 1982

Production Staff

Producers Terry Jamieson, Mary Henning
Director Bill Jamieson
Musical Director E. Michael McCaughey
Choreography Ed Carlo, Laura Agin, Janet Cantore, Don Gerecke
Stage Manager debby p. kaufer
Set Design Jeff Jamieson
Lighting Design Jim Rinere
Sound Design Jim Rinere
Costume Design Don Olah
Asst. Stage Managers Deborah Roy, Steven Damsky
Set Construction Jos Cohen, Mithc Cohen, Bill Gorelick, Bill Jamieson, Jeff Jamieson, Ronnie Schapow
Light and Sound Technicians Rosemary Elliot, Ralph Henning, Jim Rinere, Chris Sjogren
Scenic Decorator Jeff Jamieson
House Manager Mary Henning
Publicity Barbara Klausner
Photography Steve Goodman
Special Photography Effects Susan Cavaliere
Program Cover Design Don Aaronson
Program Co-ordinator debby  p. kaufer


The Cast

Noah Edward Yanowitz
Ester Catherine Jessup
Japheth Ed Carlo
Shem David Schrieve
Leah Beverly Gorelick
Ham Don Gerecke
Rachel Laura Agin
Goldie Janet Cantore


The Orchestra

Conductor E. Micheal McCaughey