Under Milkwood

Under Milk Wood – A Play for Voices

May 15 – June 7, 1970

Production Staff

Director Eric Kreps
Stage Manager Carol Covino
Assistant Stage Manager Pat Murphy
Set Design Eric Krebs
Set Construction Ernie Lazzara and the Villagers
Lighting Design Alan Hanson
Lighting Director Hal Kearney
Sound Pat Murphy
Choreography Eve Eveland, Eric Krebs
Publicity Faye Kearney
Advertising Reina Hanson
Program Carmen Sarro
House Manager Tommie Bryan
Refreshments Helen Lyons
Box Office Vivian Lazzara
Play Sales Andy Pastorio
Art Gallery Alyce Joyce
General Services The Villagers


The Cast

The Cast portrays 63 characters in this production, there is no record of who portrayed whom.
June Barfield
Janine Carbon
Eve Eveland
Bill Jamieson
Irv McDowell
Bernie Miller
Gloria Reina
Don Umholtz
Herb Wolke