Emma and the Lost Unicorn


Authors/Playwrights: Trisha Sugarek

Directed by: Jerome John

Opening Date: 03/08/2014
Closing Date: 03/16/2014

Performance Times:

Saturdays: 12:00pm and 3:00pm (two shows)
Sundays 12:00pm show

Ticket Prices:

All seats - $10 Adult/Senior/Student
No Group Rates or Discounts are available

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Show Description:

Rainey, a unicorn (really a bewitched prince), has been banished to the Fabled Forest by a warlock. Emma can save the prince only if she discovers the warlock’s secret weakness and beats him at solving riddles. This modern fable for adults and children alike includes mythical creatures, eerie henchmen, a fairy queen and her court. Along the way a talkative owl and a mischievous elf prove that the enchanted forest is full of fun as well as surprises.

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