Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical

Special Event

Authors/Playwrights: Bob Walton Jim Walton
Lyrics By: Bob Walton Jim Walton
Music By: Bob Walton Jim Walton

Directed by: Linda Giordano

Opening Date: 12/31/2014
Closing Date: 12/31/2014

Performance Times:

Two Shows
7:00 - Show only
9:30 - Show followed by Gala

Ticket Prices:

Two Shows
7:00 - Show only $20.00
9:30 - Show AND the Gala $60.00

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Show Description:

A look at the ‘joys’ of growing older, Mid-LIfe! strikes a chord with anyone, of any age. A series of scenes and sketches poke fun at the frustrations of mammograms, love handles, weekend warriors and proctology exams. The witty songs celebrate forgetfulness, reading glasses and menopause, along with the wisdom that comes with age. With its hilarious, yet honest reflections on the tribulations of aging, you’re likely to experience multiple hot flashes of laughter.

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