A Christmas Peter Pan


Authors/Playwrights: Adaptation

Directed by: Tina Lee

Opening Date: 12/12/2015
Closing Date: 12/20/2015

Performance Times:

Saturdays: 12:00 and 3:00
Sundays: 12:00

SPECIAL NOTE: The 12:00noon performance on Saturday, December 19th is not open to the public. This show is reserved for the “My Name is Matthew” program. The purpose of the “My Name is Matthew” program is to invite children with special needs to enjoy the experience of live theatre.

Ticket Prices:

All seats - $10 Adult/Senior/Student
No Discounts available, Group Rates offered.

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Show Description:

Captain Hook is at it again! No longer satisfied with disrupting the peace in Neverland, he has decided to take a “stab” at ruining Christmas. His plan includes preventing Santa from making his deliveries, capturing Peter Pan to keep him from interfering with Part One of the plan, and, for extra-bad measure, scattering all the toys out over the frozen North Pole landscape. Now it’s up to Tinker Bell and those darling kids, Wendy, Michael and John (with a little help from you, the audience), to save the day.

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Wendy - Corinna Caimi
John - Koby Hrynkiewicz
Michael - Andrew Russoniello
Nana / Croc - Gloria Schnure
Father / Captain Hook - Rich Kline
Mother / Smee - Alison Byrne
Tinker Bell - Nicole Sigur
Peter Pan - Alexa Comeau
Santa Claus - John McDonough
Snow Fairy - Morningsky - Hilde Steinberg
Snow Fairy - Moondust - Carolyn Levine
Snow Fairy - Starshine - Virginia Alexander
Snow Fairy - Whitewing - Kaitlin Geoghegan
Elf - Pinkie - Carmella Beitler
Elf - Toddles - Ella Penko
Elf - Curly - Samantha Biondi
Elf - Igloo - Shane Sawin
Pirate - Tatoo Bill - Billy Rateau
Pirate - Skylights - Joey Sciarrino
Pirate - Noodler - Cameron Sawin
Toy - Barbie - Julia McKenna
Toy - Stinky - Melissa Miller
Toy - Bigfoot - MaryKate McKenna
Toy - Terry - Niki Learn
Toy - Crayola - Ellen K. Beagle
My Little Pony - Deanna Miller
My Little Pony - Anne Learn
My Little Pony - Dari Russoniello


Producer - Paul Carver
Director - Tina Lee
Stage Manager - Melissa Noble
Costume Design - Alison Byrne
Lighting Design - Ed Pearson
Make Up Design - Hilary Pearson
Set Design - Emily Russoniello
Props Mistress - Hilde Steinberg