A Snow White Christmas


Authors/Playwrights: Kathryn Schwartz Miller

Directed by: Tina Lee

Opening Date: 12/08/2017
Closing Date: 12/17/2017

Performance Times:

Friday Dec 8 only: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 12:00 and 3:00
Sundays: 12:00

Ticket Prices:

All seats - $10 All Tickets Adult/Senior/Student
No Group Rates or Discounts are available

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Show Description:

A Snow White Christmas

Written by

Kathryn Schwartz Miller

Performance Dates/Times: 

Opening Date: 12/08/2017
Closing Date: 12/17/2017

Friday Dec 8: 8:00pm

No public performance December 9

Sunday, December 10:  12:00pm

Sunday, December 10:  8:00pm *see below

Saturday, December 16: 12:00 and 3:00pm

Sunday, December 17: 12:00pm


Ticket Prices:

$10 all tickets

Reserved seating
No Discounts Offered

Show Description

Elves, Dwarfs, Santa and Snow White! Jolly holiday entertainment for the entire family–get into the holiday spirit with Villagers Theatre!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this announcement for an opportunity to benefit our community this holiday season!


THE CAST OF “A Snow White Christmas”

Snow White: Corinna Caimi

Prince/Huntsman:  Adam Noble

Queen/Witch:  Alison Byrne

Santa:  John McDonough

Mirror:  Lexi Thomas

Casper Oil:  Carolyn Levine

Witch Hazel:  Aubrey Bridge

Gruesome Twosome:  Olivia Altidor

Happy Elf:  Melissa Pinto

Holly Elf:  Hilde Steinberg

Nutty Elf:  Lisa Sudfield

Carol Elf:  Samantha Noble

Candy Elf:  Kelsey Luckenbaugh

Giggle Toes Dwarf:  Matthew Leshchanka

Captain Dwarf:  Carmela Beitler

Argh Choo Dwarf:  Billy Rateau

Sour Puss Dwarf:  Mark Noble

Snores A Lot Dwarf:  Shane Sawin

Wallflower Dwarf:  Cameron Sawin

Nin-com-poop Dwarf:  Joey Sciarrino

Loper the Deer:  Scott Doyal

Buck the Bunny:  Anne Learn

Skipper the Bunny:  Wyatt Bridge

Swishy the Squirrel:  Ashley Ringel

Snowflake:  Mia Housser

Tree:  Niki Learn

Tree:  Dari Russoniello

Tree:  Sarah Stefaniak

Tree:  George Rateau


Production Staff:

Director: Tina Lee

Producer:  David Hampson

Dance Captain:  Melissa Pinto

Stage Manager:  Melissa Noble

Costumer:  Alison Byrne

Properties Mistress:  Hilde Steinberg

Set Design:  Emily Russoniello

Lighting Wizard:  Ed Pearson

Makeup Artist:  Hilary Pearson

Crew:  Andrea Polselli


Give Back this Holiday Season!

On Sunday, December 10 at 8:00, please join us for a special performance of A Snow White Christmas. Admission to the show is a free-will donation and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Franklin Food Bank!  Tickets will not be available through the box office–just come to the show!  Cash or check only, please.

To learn more about the Franklin Food Bank and the wonderful work they do in our community:


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Entertainment for the entire family.

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Producer - Tina Lee
Director - Tina Lee