June 1 – June 24, 1990

Produced by Mary Henning

Directed by Mark E. Hopkins

The hopes, dreams, joys and concerns of the average working American are the focus of this unique, extraordinary musical. That the everyday lives of “common” men and women should be so compelling and moving will surprise and inspire anyone who has ever punched a time clock.

ACT I (in order of appearance)
Mike LeFevre, steelworker Walter Hughes
Al Calinda, parking lot attendant Dudley Da-Silva Engram
Nora Watson, editor Pat Powers
Diane Wilson, secreatary Susan K. Shore
Herb Rosen, corporate executive John DeMarco
John Rolfing, newsboy Ian Nemser
Rose Hoffman, teacher Jennifer Nasser
Babe Secoli, checker Alyssa Spencer
Brett McCormick, boxboy Michael Paternoster
Emilio Hernandez, migrant worker Doug Watson
  Soloist Vivian Chiaramonte
Conrad Swibel, gas meter reader Maury Herman
Kate Rushton, housewife Lisa Mosson
Roberta Victor, hooker Noreen Anne Walsh
Grace Clements,, millworker Vivian Chiaramonte
  Soloist Pat Powers
Anthony Palazzo, stone mason Thomas K. Freuler
  Soloist Marc Waters-Savaant
Delores Dante, waitress Alyssa Spencer
Frank Decker, interstate trucker Thomas K. Freuler
Dave, trucker Marc Waters-Savaant
Heather Lamb, telephony operator Lisa Mosso
Fran Swenson, hotel switchboard operator Scarlett Lee Moore
Sharon Atkins, receptionist Noreen Anne Walsh
Booker Page, seaman Dudley Da-Silva Engram
Joe Zutty, retired John DeMarco
Tom Patrick, fireman Maury Herman
Maggie Holmes, cleaning woman Susan K. Shore
Ralph Werner, salesman Michael Paternoster
Charlie Blossom, copy boy Doug Watson
Mike LeFevre, steelworker Walter Hughes
Conductor/Keyboard John Sullivan
Guitar Lorne Woods
Bass Dennis Farrelly, David Weintraub
Drums Glen Wilkofsky
Producer Mark Henning
Director Mark E. Hopkins
Musical Director John Sullivan
Choreography Scott Kincel
Lighting Design Joe Ondre, Jr.
Sound Design John Ballek
Set Design Bradley D. Kaye
Costume Design Camille Cusimano
Stage Manager Beth Schroeder
Master Carpenter Steve Zavodnick
Assistant Stage Manager Deborah Lichtenstein
Carpenters Joey Zavodnick, Scott Zavodnick
Lighting Technicians Jill Alpert, Roz Siegel, Dot Steffen
Program Jeff Dworkin, Anne Welby
Set Contruction Jos Cohen, Jim Genes, Kevin Gray, Bill Jamieson, Dan Panucci, Gary Smoke
All Photos by Steve Goodman