All In the Timing – 1999



All In The Timing

Written by David Eves
Directed by Gerry Appel

The Sure Thing
Betty Danielle Fiorello
Bob Brendan Scullin
Words, Words, Words
Swift John Correll
Kafka Pattyi Murtha
Milton Stuart Hershkowitz
Philip Glass Buys A Loaf of Bread
1st Woman Gina Lupi
2nd Woman Annette Fielder
Baker Jeff Dworkin
Phillip Glass Peter Rippon
Universal Language
Don James Morgan
Dawn Catherine Rowe
Young Man Alan Smithee
The Philadelphia
Waitress Patti Murtha
Al John Correll
Mark Stuart Hershkowitz
Variations on the Death of Trotsky
Trotsky Peter Rippon
Mrs. Trotsky Gina Lupi
Ramon Jeff Dworkin
Producer  Roz Wroblewski
Director  Gerry Appel
Stage Manager  Nicole Genest