Villagers Theatre is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. Your contributions are tax deductible, to the full extent of the law.

PlayVill ads are typically online only, which patrons can download at the theatre prior to a production starting. For special occasions we may print the PlayVill, but that is rare.

Advertising starts at the Level 1 benefits below, relating to one particular production of your choice. Level 1 is a Plain Text greeting of up to 20 words; we call these “Applause Notes” – simple shout-outs to your loved ones. Villagers will reformat your text to fit in the allotted space.

All other ads must be supplied as a PNG, JPG or PDF file, with the dimension guidelines specified herein. Images should be saved as 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) for best clarity. Villagers may crop/edit or resize what you supply, for proper fitment. You may supply a color ad, but it may be changed by Villagers to a greyscale ad, if printed in a paper PlayVill.


Cost per one ad in one PlayVill:

  1. Level 1 = $ 50.00: Applause Note – Plain Text, 20 Words Max
  2. Level 2 = $100.00: 1/4 Page Ad – 3.9″ wide X 4.1″ tall
  3. Level 3 = $200.00: 1/2 Page Ad – 5.8″ wide X 4.1″ tall. You get 2 tickets.
  4. Level 4 = $350.00: Full Page Ad – 5.8″ wide X 8.3″ tall. You get 2 tickets.
  5. Level 5 = $500.00: Full Page Rear Cover Ad – 5.8″ wide X 8.3″ tall. You get 2 tickets. Recognized during production’s curtain speech.

Sponsor an entire season (approx 12 PlayVills) and receive 20% off your total ad costs above.

To place an ad, fill out the form below.

    Your Ad Size (see chart below)
    [radio radio-ad-size use_label_element default:0 "Applause Note = $50.00"
    "1/4 Page Ad = $100.00"
    "1/2 Page Ad = $200.00"
    "Full Page Ad = $350.00"
    "Full Page Rear Cover Ad & Recognition = $500.00"]

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    Thank you in advance, for your support!