Villagers Theatre doesn’t receive financial support from Franklin Township.

Our annual income historically only includes ticket sales, youth programs, small sponsorships and smaller donations and fundraising events. This income barely covers the costs of producing the shows and other basic expenses (insurance, electric, smaller upgrades, etc).

Our standard annual income above, does not cover larger purchases or building improvements. We have held larger fund drives for former projects in years past, to help pay for larger expenses such as new HVAC units several years ago.

We are planning other larger fund drives that are needed to pay for our 2024 Building Renovations, which will be announced later this year. This will include paying for our new roof – plus these additions: a new Main Stage technical and rigging improvements, an additional storage building (potentially something larger, to replace our outside sheds, if the township allows), Lobby/Bath and Main Stage renovations (new ceiling, flooring, carpet, paint, and structural improvements).

We are seeking members to be on our 2024 Building Renovation Steering Committee, who could help us design, plan and execute these plans. These may include both smaller and larger fund drives. Contact Us if interested in helping!

New fund drives will be listed here in the future.

In the meantime, every dollar counts! Please consider the following:

Make a Donation to Villagers General Operating Fund


With a 220-seat Main Stage Theatre, and 100-seat Black Box Theatre, we are one of the largest community theatres in New Jersey.

Please consider placing an ad in our PlayVill programs for a show, or becoming a corporate sponsor for multiple show! Your contribution is vital to the continued success of Villagers Theatre.

For more information on advertising in a PlayVill or becoming a Sponsor, please click below:

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Unfortunately our Yellow Brick Road program was not a financial success, and the contractor who was responsible for engraving and laying the bricks, was not operating due COVID and an explosion in Manville that damaged his building. The entire program proved more difficult to coordinate and continue, than we could manage, especially as we headed into COVID.


COVID was financially very tough for Villagers and other community theatres, and very stressful for those who continued volunteering to keep the theatre afloat. We did take a COVID loan to pay the bills, and must now pay this back. In addition, we still have water damage to repair from hurricane Ida.


Thankfully, other than a part-time administrator and a one-person cleaning crew, Villagers is run by volunteers and survives on the voluntary service and contributions of its friends and supporters.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and a NJ charitable organization (search for “Franklin Villagers”). Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.