Aside from the Production Crew teams listed prior, the Performers are the Cast, or ensemble of Actors.

Many people aspire to be Actors. However they may not realize how difficult it can be to memorize all those lines, rehearse by yourself, attend rehearsals, and actually be able to deliver a performance in front of a live audience that is entertaining, not boring, and convincing.

If you’re interested in performing as one of our cast members, please see our Auditions section.

For those of you who have never acted, but always wanted to try, or at least audition, my best advice is to be yourself. Or rather an exaggerated version of yourself, as it pertains to the character you are auditioning for.

Often those who are cast for a role, were not trying to be someone who they are not, in the audition, but rather they were dramatizing themselves to fit the role. There must usually be a personality fit between the role and the actor’s actual personality.

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A note about Understudies, who often go under-appreciated. Understudies are cast members who did not get a part in the production, but who have been asked to learn the lines and blocking of a particular character and also attend the rehearsals, in case the primary cast member is sick or unavailable for the performance.

The number one reason to say yes to an understudy role is to get your foot in the door.  If you say yes to an understudy role and you work hard, people will notice and you may actually get the chance to make your first performance on stage. But if it doesn’t happen for your understudy role, perhaps you’ll be cast in the next production in a role that fits your personality type.

The second best reason to understudy is for the chance to work on a particular script you like, team with a director you admire, or to observe a seasoned actor who could teach you a thing or two.  If you can learn from the experience, it’s worth it.