City Of Angels


Oct 27 – Nov 18, 2000

Music by Cy Coleman

Lyrics by David Zippel

Book by Larry Gelbart

Directed by Richard Baker

The story follows Stein, a fiction writer in Hollywood trying to adapt his own detective novel into a screenplay. As the action begins, we meet Stone, Stein’s detective, in the hospital with a bullet wound. As Stone relates the story of his injury, Stein begins to rewrite his story. As he rewrites, the “movie” is rewound and the actors move and speak backwords. As Stein buries himself in the fantasy world of his detective story, however, his personal life begins to fall apart. When his wife leaves him, he must make some decisions about what is really important in his life.

 Stine Bill King
 Stone David A. Weitzer
 Gabby/Bobbi Tricia Gozzi
 Donna/Oolie Wanda Toro
 Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving Jeff Dworkin
 Carla Haywood/Alaura Kingsley Tracey Fama
 Werner Kriegler/Luther Kingsley Steve Sizer
 Del DaCosta/Peter Kingsley/Mahoney Bryan Siegel
 Avril Raines/Mallory Kingsley Alyson Pemoulie
 Pancho Vargas/Lt. Munoz Rich Kline
 Gene/Officer Pasco/Big Six Evan P. Schupak
 Dr. Mandril/Ensemble Catherin Rowe
 Angel City 4 Margot Glockner, Frank M. Meybohn, Alan Naidoff, Peggy Valenti, Wendy Berness
 Sonny/Ensemble  Kiran Devaprasad
 Yamato/Cinematographer/Ensemble  Ralph Hansen
 The Maid/Ensemble  Liz Durkin
 Ensemble  Jennifer Grippo, Christine Velasquez
Producer   Marie Fiorello
Director  Richard Baker
Musical Director  Joyce Kaye
Choreographer  David Pacheco
Costume Design  Madeline McCrae
Lighting Design  Ed Pearson
Set Designer  Jim Parks, Sr.
Sound Design  Matt Andrews
Stage Manager  Scott C. Hill
Set Concept  Richard Baker, Marie Fiorello, Scott C. Hill
Set Construction  Jim Parks Sr, Art Hickey, Paula Milano
Set Dressing  Richard Baker, Marie Fiorello
Assistant Costume Designer  Steve Sizer
Assistant Stage Manager  Tina Lee
Make-Up  Hillary Pearson
Lighting Operator  Dot Steffen
Photography  Patrick Andrae
Program  Donna Kimberlin
Lobby Board  Leo Gahona
Crew  Wendy Berness, Paul Carver, Adam Siegel, James D. Ringland, Roz Wroblewski