Comedy Cafe

 Friends: Not The TV Show
December 7 – December 21, 2001

Presented in Cooperation with
Alliance Repertory Theatre Company


Production Staff
Producer Jeff Streger, Jerry Marino
Stage Manager Stephanie Simons Neal
Lights Paul Carver, JC Gibriano
Production Assistant Karen Augustine


The Vignettes
The Potato Peeler by Gregory Farnham
Director Cynthia Wiese
Featuring Peter Schuyler, Jack Reiling
Like Fish Out of Water by Joel Stone
Director Joel Stone
Featuring Jerry Marino, JC Gibriano
A Lonely Impulse of Delight by John Patrick Shanley
Director Mike Driscoll
Featuring James Fiorello, Jaime Kimberlin
Now Departing by Robert Mearns
Director Jay Leibowitz
Featuring Jeff Streger, Jay Leibowitz
The Night I Spent With Elvis by Mark Dunn
Director Joel Stone
Featuring Angela Della Ventura
The Real Cheese by Gary Leon Hill
Director Jeff Streger
Featuring Jerry Marino, James Fiorello
The Run of The River by William Koovacsik
Director Christine Furlong
Featuring James Broderick, Jack Reiling
The Office Party by Geroge Cameron Grant
Director Rich Baker
Featuring Tracey Fama, Rich Sibello