William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
April 26 – May 11, 2002

Production Staff
Producer Marie Fiorello
Associate Producer Dot Steffen
Director Christopher Parks
Associate Director Andrews Parks
Stage Manager Scott C. Hill
Set Design/Construction Jim Parks, Sr.
Stage Crew Katie Fanok, Tom Hickey
Costume Designer Jim Parks, Jr.
Lighting Designer Edgar Pearson
Sound Designer Christopher Parks
Sound Operator Marie Fiorello
Make Up Hilary Pearson
Hair Roz Wroblewski
Lighting Operator Dot Steffen
Publicity Tony Adase
Potography Richard G. Baker
Poster and Flyers Steve Sharp
Program Donna N. Kimberlin
Box Office Mary Henning
Front of House Roz Wrobliewski


The Cast
Polonius Jack Cibrian
Hamlet Patrick J. Curley
Marcello, Rosencranz, Player King, Osric Erik Hall
Claudius Arthur Hickey
Laertes, Guildenstern Rick Halloway
Horatio Steve Michaels
Queen Gertrude Sally O’Neil
Ophelia Jennifer Wewers