The Lion In Winter

By James Goldman

The Lion In Winter

April 5-21,  2013

Directed by
Ana Kalet

Set during Christmas in 1183 in medieval France, King Henry II’s sons battle, not only for the position of “successor to the throne,” but also for parental affection. Familial competition is truly a high art in this articulate work of distinctive language and caustic wit. The King’s estranged wife favors their eldest son, while Henry champions his youngest as his heir. With intelligence and humor, this fictional play presents a historically accurate picture which still resonates with relevance today. These characters from 800 years ago still quarrel with spouses, compete with annoying siblings, indulge in adultery and sexual experimentation, and struggle to balance work and family. This quintessential drama of domestic turmoil and competing ambitions is as ageless as civilization.


Director Ana Kalet
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer