Facts Related to Recent Press on Donald Trump

Villagers Theatre has received numerous inquiries regarding an article that was in the Washington Post on July 13, 2016, which referenced a donation from Donald and Ivana Trump to Villagers Theatre.

Q: Do you really have a seat named in recognition of a donation from Donald Trump?
A: Yes. We also have one in recognition of Ivana Trump, who was his wife at the time the seats were named.

Q. Where are the seats located?
A. Ivana Trump’s seat is E-7. Donald Trump’s seat is E-9. They are on the left side of the auditorium.

Q. Can I use those seats?
A. If they are unoccupied, absolutely. For all performances at the Villagers, please see whats playing next, right on or home page, then buy your tickets on this web site. Next up, “Bring It On: The Musical,” with tickets at $16 for adults, and $14 for students or seniors, for any seat in our theater.

Q. Why do you have seats named after the Trumps?
A. As a nonprofit organization, Villagers Theatre often engages in fund-raisers that allow donors to be commemorated for their giving. The seats in our Main Stage auditorium were part of one such fund-raiser. Trump Castle, a former Atlantic City casino that the Trumps owned at the time, made a donation to the theatre in their name, and in return we named two seats after them. If you look on the backs of other seats, you will find the names of other people and organizations who generously donated to Villagers Theatre at that time.

Q. How much money did the Trumps donate?
A. We no longer have that information.

Q. When did the Trumps make this donation?
A. 1988.

Q. Does Villagers Theatre have an opinion on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?
A. Villagers Theatre does not have a position on any candidate for public office.

Q. Is Trump’s plaque larger than any others?
A: There are approx 200 chairs with names on them in the theatre and every single one of them is the same size, and represents someone who donated money and Trump is no more or less noteworthy than any other donor.

Q. Can I have a seat named after me?
A. All seats in the theater have been designated by donors. However, we do have a similar fund-raiser called the Yellow Brick Road that you can be a part of.

Q. What is the Yellow Brick Road?
A. The Yellow Brick Road is the name of our current fundraiser. Our Yellow Brick Road will wrap around the theater and lead to a new outdoor performance area, and on to our back stage door. For $125, you can have your name, dedication or memorial message engraved on a yellow brick. When completed, the Yellow Brick Road Money raised from sales of the bricks will go toward improving our heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as other upgrades needed to our 28-year-old facility.


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