Music From a Sparkling Planet


Music from a Sparkling Planet

February 23 – March 10, 2006

Directed by Tina Lee

Three fans embark on a search for Tamara Tomorrow, an eccentric local television ho st from the 1970’s whose sudden disappearance from the public eye became one of the great mysteries of the Philadelphia area.

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Some Things You Need to Know Before the World Ends


Some Things you Need to Know Before
The World Ends
    (A Final Evening With The Illuminati) 

October 6 – October 21, 2006

An Absurdist Comedy by LEVI LEE and LARRY LARSON
Directed by Randall McCann

An irreverent and truly hilarious send-up of organized religion wherein Reverend Eddie and the hunchbacked Brother Lawrence embark on a series of wildly funny skits leading to the Reverend challengingthe Devil to a final showdown on the basketball court

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Hospitality Suite


May 11 – 26, 2007

A Drama by
Roger Rueff

Directed by
Jeffrey M. Babey

Conflicting notions of character, salesmanship, honesty, religion, and love simmer until they boil over as two experienced salesmen and a young research engineer await a CEO whose visit to their modest hospitality suite could save their company from ruin.  Jonathan Wierzbicki, Executive Producer of the Villager Black Box Series states , “Unlike works like “Glengarry Glen Ross”, where there is a dark cynical bite regarding the cut throat world of sales, I felt that “Hospitality Suite” shows more humanity, and a warmth between the characters, even during their confrontations.  Too many movies and plays dwell on the selfish, callous nature of man.  A piece like “Hospitality Suite” reminds us that we are all just people with our own struggles. In short, I think it is a worthy piece, and an important work.”This unpublished play was the basis for the movie “THE BIG KAHUNA” staring Danny Devito and Kevin Spacey

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June 29 – July 15, 2007

A Drama by
Stephen Belber

Directed by
Elaine Wallace

It’s at a Motel 6 in Lansing, Michigan that Vince finally gets his old friend Jon to admit he had date-raped Amy, a girl whom they both dated in high school only to reveal that he’s taped their entire conversation. Beneath its suspenseful, high-stakes surface, TAPE examines questions of motive, memory, truth and perception.

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