Competition Track – Disclaimer


Like many other Community Theatre Award Programs in New Jersey or other states, that are managed and put together by volunteers, they are all well-intended, to spotlight excellent work – to the best extent possible by those involved.

However with any volunteer organization, or paid for that matter, all of us have limited resources to make things happen perfectly. We realize that the reading and ranking process we use for our Competition Track, is NOT a perfect process. We try our best to be fair and candid with everyone, on how our Competition Track works.

However despite it not being a perfect process, as with other award type programs, we believe it is still a useful and largely appreciated process by most of those who participate – and also enjoyed by our patrons who come to see the new plays.

If you are considering submitting your play to our Competition series or possibly have it go through our Workshop process – but you do not agree or accept the above – then we simply suggest that you do not participate.

We hope you understand.