Development Workshop Info

2. Development Workshops

Plays for Development Workshop consideration, are selected by the Villagers Development Workshop Producer (Paul Hufker, from third party sources, or plays that were submitted to our Competition for a Full Production Run – but were not scored high enough to qualify for a Reading – but were of interest to the Development Workshop Producer.

Due to time and budgetary restraints, possibly only 3 to a maximum of 6 plays will be selected for a Workshop. It is up to the Development Workshop Producer to determine which plays will be selected for a Workshop.

Selected plays can be presented as seated Play Readings, a Workshop of some sort, or Staged Readings, as determined by the Workshop Producer. They will be performed in our Zaidi Black Box during our spring and summer months, into fall (Dates To Be Determined).

Paul Hufker will conduct the workshop, and will coordinate casting and rehearsals, prior to an actual Villagers Workshop Reading.

Villagers will promote your Development Workshop/Reading online, so you can potentially have an audience. We do not charge for readings but donations are always accepted.